Script Consultant

Get direct feedback on your script from the author of the one of the highest rated screenwriting books on Amazon and the founder of The Screenplay Workshop.


You know your story. Jill knows story.

Jill Chamberlain has consulted on projects for major studios, for small independents, and for many, many spec screenwriters. Her clients and students have had their screenplays optioned, made into award-winning feature films, garner them Hollywood representation, land them professional screenwriting assignments, and recognized by top competitions including the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences’s Nicholl Fellowship.

Consultations themselves will vary depending on a lot of factors (including the skill level of the writer, how many drafts have been written, etc.) But in a typical one, Jill will have pretty profound structural improvements that will take your script from so-so to professional-level storytelling. In her consultations, she also does some on-the-page script doctoring, pointing out improvements for your scene description, action writing, and dialogue. Her goal is to enable you to tell the best version of your story possible.

Master the Method with the One Who Invented It

Jill Chamberlain’s book from University of Texas Press, The Nutshell Technique: Crack the Secret of Successful Screenwriting, is now available on Amazon and in fine bookstores everywhere. Of the over 3,000 books on screenwriting on AmazonThe Nutshell Technique ranks #1 in user ratings.

Since its publication in 2016, the book became an instant classic and the go-to manual many professionals swear by. The book is on the syllabus for courses at University of Houston, University of Notre Dame, and the world renowned screenwriting program at Columbia University.

The technique comes from Jill's years of consulting and coaching, and she continues to use this methodology to hone screenplays into truly compelling stories.



Jill Chamberlain is available for script consultation services at reasonable rates - please inquire. She does in-person consultations in Los Angeles and in Austin, Texas, depending on the time of year. And she does consultations via Skype with clients all over the world and as far away as New Zealand.

Services include:

  • Script Consultation (features and TV) - a detailed script consultation that addresses and fixes structural issues and includes an extensive mark-up of your script with some on-the-page script doctoring. Reviewed with you over a 60-to-90-minute consultation

  • Private Story Consultation / Coaching - 90 minute story coaching sessions

  • Story to Script Consultation Package (features and TV) - four consultations to work with you from breaking story through a finished draft

  • Private Consultation/Instruction Package - a package of five 90-minute sessions for a total of 7 1/2 hours consultation/instruction

  • Screenwriter-for-hire / Script Rewriting / Script Doctoring Services