Your best writing comes right after this workshop.

There are no tricks to story structure. But there is a methodology: the Nutshell Technique®. Jill Chamberlain’s acclaimed method is based in time-honored philosophies, but it will revolutionize your storytelling.

Jill’s Los Angeles workshops are now registering for one and two day summer workshops. Delve into the underpinnings of every great film and learn how to apply it to your own screenplays.

  • Fix your story structure so you can focus more on the writing

  • Learn directly from the author of one of the highest rated screenwriting books on Amazon

  • Identify the difference between a situation and a story, and how to turn one into the other

  • Cure writer’s block by knowing what to ask of your story and what direction to move in

  • Unlike formulaic beat sheet methods, the Nutshell Technique® is a flexible structure that lets you tell your unique story

  • Network with Jill Chamberlain and fellow writers at the bar after the workshop

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Summer 2019 Dates

July 13, 2019 & Sept 14-15, 2019


Simmons & Scott Entertainment

4110 West Burbank Blvd, Burbank CA 91505


Jill has been featured in publications, TV Shows,
conferences, and schools around the world.


Who should attend?

Even longtime professional screenwriters find that a refresher on the Nutshell Technique® inspires new ideas and improves their TV and feature film projects. Any writer can benefit from the seminar.

  • Professional writers and showrunners sharpening their story structure chops

  • New screenwriters who want to turn ideas into professional-level writing samples

  • Practiced writers outlining new scripts, working on new drafts, or revising completed scripts

  • Writing teams who can use the technique as a common framework to flesh out ideas and scripts

  • Literary managers and executives who want to improve their contributions to projects they're working on

If you’ve tried other techniques or seminars, this one is different

There’s no shortage of storytelling methodologies out there. Here’s why the Nutshell Technique® actually delivers:

  • Based in theory originally developed by Aristotle, the technique is rooted in tried and true story principles

  • It's an easy-to-follow method you can learn in a day, and you'll use for a lifetime

  • It's more flexible than rigid beat sheet methods that want to fit your story into a mold

  • Tell your own unique story and make it truly satisfying from beginning to end

  • Works for feature films, TV episodes, and shorts


Praise for Jill Chamberlain and the Nutshell Technique®